Monday, August 27, 2018

Pharamond on Secret Music, WVKR-FM, Poughkeepsie, NY

Yesterday morning, Scott Raymond, New Age/Ambient/Electronic music DJ with WVKR-FM, played Luminescence, the opening track of Naturalis Historia, on his sunday morning show Secret Music.

Playlist :

09:07 am     Luminescence     Pharamond     Naturalis Historia        
09:33 am     High     Rene Van Der Wouden     Dreamspace        
09:43 am     To Have The Atmospherics In You     Rene Van Der Wouden     Atmospherics In A Nutshell

Friday, August 10, 2018

Pharamond on Syndae

Today, Stefan Schulz played an excerpt of Biophores, from Naturalis Historia, on his Syndae podcast.

About the show :

"I am not really into birthdays, but when it comes to the podcast anniversary, other dates of celebration pop up. Like the one by Klaus Schulze, which got celebrated by a tribute album, too. I'm also close to celebrate the weather turning milder, as me and my body are not made for hot temperatures. A big welcome to temperatures below 30 Celsius. Seems a good time to go party. Well, I kind of will for the release of the syndae CD, which will happen at Spaceworks in Hagen. I admit, it's a small location and occasion, but it's where it all started. The podcast's birthplace so to say. And I hope that some of you listeners will join me. But for tonight, let's celebrate with cool music brought to live by Klaus Schulze (Silhouettes), Ansgar Stock (In Love With the Moon), i-One (Singularity), Pharamond (Naturalis Historia), Sonic Chain (The Sound of Syndae)."

The podcast :

Episode 445

Tracklist :

Klaus Schulze - Quae simplex (excerpt) (Silhouettes)
Ansgar Stock - Jedy Cruiser 188 (In Love With the Moon)
i-One - Photosynthesis/Gravitation (Singularity)
Pharamond - Biophores (excerpt) (Naturalis Historia)
Sonic Chain - The Voice of Syndae (The Sound of Syndae)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Pharamond on Radio Sunrise

Underground Äxpärten, Radio Sunrise
Yesterday, John "Waveman", one of the Underground Äxpärten, broadcasted on Radio Sunrise my track Luminescence, opener of my new album Naturalis Historia.

Tracklist :

Alphaxone - Environement / Edge of Solitude 2018
Carola Zauchner - Take me to the stars above / A Saucerful of Secrets(EP) 2018
Tom Hawkins - Nebular / Static 2018
EFSS (Erren Fleissig Schöttler Steffen) - Axis / Tidal Shift 2018
Pharamond - Luminescence / Naturalis Historia 2018
['ramp] - Orphelia / No Sleep 'til Wilmersdorf 2018
Carola Zauchner - A Saucerful of Secrets / A Saucerful of Secrets(EP) Idea by Pink Floyd 2018
Tom Hawkins - The Sound of Light / Nebulus 2018
Suit & Tie Guy - Fifty miles from Mankato (Part 2) / Sacred Earth 2018
Fabrizio Fornaci - Abstract Sounds / Abstract Sounds 2018
BK&S Feat. Ebert & Kagermann - Walker Under The Moon / Repelen Revisited 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

Pharamond on Sequences

Yesterday, Sequences podcast played an excerpt of Biophores, taken from my album Naturalis Historia.

The podcast :

Episode 130 on Soundcloud or Mixcloud

The playlist : 

02.00 Airsculpture ‘Travelling Light’ (album Travelling Light) ***
13.39 Alexis Voice’ Terraforming’ (album Galaxian)
17.44 Alexis Voice ‘Hyperspace’
22.05 Earendil ‘The Divided Light from the Skys’ (album Shattered Memories)
31.10 Earmake ‘Between Good & Evil’
36.00 Earmake ‘The Abyss’
42.50 EFSS ‘Movement’ (album Tidal Shift)
52.54 EFSS ‘Axis’
01.00.36 Steve Roach ‘Molecules Of Motion’ (album Molecules Of Motion) ***
01.11.30 Cosmic Ground ‘Obscured’ (album Cosmic Ground IV) ***
01.14.30 Cosmic Ground ‘Progeny’
01.27.12 Volt ‘Circadian Cycle’ (Album E-Scape, Various Artists)
01.34.25 Stephan Schenkel ‘A Place Of Dream Logic’ (album A Place Of Dream Logic)
01.39.12 Stephan Schenkel ‘Last Sunlight’
01.43.26 Stephan Schenkel ‘Frozen Beauty: Feat Globotom’
01.46.31 Mario Raposo ‘Humanization’ (album Humanization)
01.52.59 Mario Raposo ‘Machines For The Common Welfare’
01 59.00 Jupiter Panic ‘Days Of Sorrow’ (album Days Of Sorrow)
02.02.15 Jupiter Panic ‘Return’
02.07.08 Thought Guild ’Time Warp 77’ (album Archiphonic)
02.12.04 Pharamond ‘Luminescence’ (album Naturalis Historia)
02.23.24 Thaneco & Dask ‘Air’ (album Elements)
02.34.22 Monica Electric ‘Dripping 16mm’ (album Olympia)
02.38.41 Mypan ‘Perpetuum Cosmicum’ (album Perpetuum Musica Momentum)
02.44.49 Mypan ‘Tempestas’
02.49.55 David Wright with DJ Mass ‘Walking With Ghosts:Chill Mix’ (Walking With Ghosts:Remixes)
02.56.55 Church Of Hed ‘Sandstoned’ (album Sandstoned)
*** edit

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Naturalis Historia review on Synth&Sequences

Sylvain Lupari wrote the very first review of my album Naturalis Historia on his blog Synth&Sequences.

"(...)This 2nd album of Pharamond meets our expectations with an EM as much well done than on Orbis Tertius and tied to a high level of creativity. This is great EM and an excellent album which transcends the usual genre while being rather accessible in its metamorphoses.  (...)"

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pharamond - Naturalis Historia

Album / 2018

1. Luminescence (18:00)
2. Conference of the Birds (8:47)
3. Faune (4:04)
4. Biophores (17:38)
5. Sequoia (11:14)

SynGate CD-R SM02

Almost four years after Orbis Tertius, SynGate Records, the label dedicated to the "Berlin School of Electronic Music" releases today my new album, Naturalis Historia. Artwork by Bertrand Thierry. Lots of sequencers again, with a hint of Roedelius atmosphere.

Available from :

Pharamond on SynGate
SynGate Records
Bandcamp * also as download

Pharamond at Cue-Records

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pharamond on Alien Air Music, KXLU FM

Today (~ 9pm), Pat Murphy broadcasted one of my tracks, Idéal, on his well-known show Alien Air Music (KXLU 88,9 FM in Los Angeles). Here's the playlist.

Playlist for May 8, 2016

Artist Song Album Country
Nulix Traced (islands beat remix) Toggle The Earth Croatia
Xhin Elliptic The Realm Singapore
Osch Oshiah   Sweden
Maps and Diagrams Valargo In Circles England
Othering Zublio 100%-Xits Russia
J. Chassagnard : J. Mathes Purple fractal Outer Dialog France
Structural Fault Throb (Logical Disorder remix) Herbe Argentina
Mint Cyberknife (Alpturer remix) Touched Two (The Remixes) England
w1b0 Alternate sequence Dave Clark-Fabric 60 Holland
Santinela Moments Between Reflections Romania
4T Thieves Cup of real time Threads England
Tangerine Dream Genesis of precious thoughts Quantum Key Germany
Pharamond Idéal Orbis Tertius France
Audiometría Under the fog Live in Keroxin Canary Is.
Rainbow Serpent Studio Session 01.01.2013   Germany
Gert Blokzijl Jurei (excerpt) Jurei Holland
Bouvetøya On the soul of the universe Timeslip Ireland